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We as Forneva International supply every demand our clients need with exquisite client support and satisfaction, we render a corporate finance advisory service onto transfer of stocks, joint venture establishment, private placement and acquisition and a sales/marketing agent service to find out local partners for international companies which aims to expand their bussines and increase their global network. We also provide various services such as sales/marketing agent, fund raising or market entry support for international companies which plan to deploy marketing or fund raising from Turkish investors and international investors.

Forneva International can explore suitable partner through local network consisting of industrial association, investment bank, M&A adviser, private equity and venture capital, lawyer and certified public accountant and local companies. We try to determine marketability of client's products and services in targeted countries and will start obtaining a couple of responses from possible partners through the local and international network.

After the preliminary research, the client and Forneva would close a sales/marketing agent service agreement and we would disseminate clients' information through the local network widely. We and our local partner would set up meetings with possible partners and would support the client to close the agreement with the partner. Our ambition is to create long term relationships with our business partners, with offering best prices any client can have in market.

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